Monday, April 7, 2014

Jen Young

Jen is intuitive, psychic, a healer (including animal healing), a medium and a lightworker.  She works from the heart, and Spirit communicates through and with her in a variety of ways.
Her Spirit Guides, Angels and the “Core Group” assist her in day to day living and while giving readings.

Jen invites you on this journey that she is embarked upon to sit awhile, ponder, smile, cry, laugh, enjoy, take with a grain of salt some of the ideas, notions, thoughts, truths if you will and take all that resonate so deeply inside you.

Upon this journey, she promises you that your Spirit will awaken as hers did and you will feel lighter, happier and more full-filled than you ever thought possible.

She believes that even though we leave God or the Source or the Universe alone… they never leave us alone.

Without our faith in the Universe or Source she does not believe that we could be as resolute in or with ourselves as we are.  She certainly knows she could not be.

Jen is filled with gratitude and joy at the gifts that have been bestowed upon her from a very early age.

To contact Jen or inquire about a private reading please send her a message using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Jen’s Philosophy on Life
Life is a beach and then you tan ~ and ~ if you stay out too long you get burned.
You may blister, BUT, the blister peels and you grow a second, somewhat more sensitive new skin;
so ~ it is all good ~ because like the sun tanning our bodies, you know that yes! you can feel and enjoy
the warmth of the sun and all the goodness for this day…. Be blessed and enjoy the warmth and light surrounding you …

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  1. So very delighted that we finally have a place where we can sample Jen's wisdom, insights and philosophy ... sad I can no longer tease her about not having a website ... Well done Jen!